2018 Schedule

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Jan 27 – Jan 28 2018
Case Management in Parkview
Multiple Doctors

April 21 - April 22 2018
GMI/GCSS Knee Chest/Extravaganza in Mt. Moreb
Dr. Jessica Schuman, Dr. Jeff Lawlor, and Many More!

July 21 – July 22 2018
Extremities in Mt. Horeb, WI
Dr. Wyatt Tyler & Dr. Terry Wepner

Sept 22 – Sept 23 2018
Cervical Chair in Mt. Horeb, WI
Dr. Dan Lyons & Dr. Aki Oshita

Nov 10 – Nov 11 2018
Pelvic Bench in Parkview, IA
Dr. Herb Wood & Dr. Josh Lawlor

Upcoming GMI Events:

Knee Chest/Extravaganza
Mt. Horeb, WI
April 21-22

Mt. Horeb, WI
July 21-22

Cervical Chair
Mt. Horeb, WI
Sept. 22-23

Pelvic Bench
Parkview, IA
Nov. 10-11

Case Management
Parkview, IA
Jan. 26-27, 2019

Clarence Gonstead

Dr. Gonstead took chiropractic practice from back alley bone setting to an understandable bio-mechanical science. His life was dedicated to clinical competency.

With the adoption of the Gonstead technique by Palmer School of Chiropractic in the early 1960s, his technique assisted the profession in restoring chiropractic to its full-spine roots.

Dr. Clarence Gonstead